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Division of powers and responsibilities in a federal Somalia

The constitutional review commissions reviewed the power-sharing options and presented scenarios to the parliament in 2016, but they have yet to be adopted and offer only a limited solution. In response to this protracted absence of a clarified governance structure, this brief presents new options to distribute powers and responsibilities to the different levels of government.

Falanqeyn miisaaniyadda sanadka 2019 loo qorsheeyay hay’adaha garsoorka, adeegyada bulshada iyo horumarinta dhaqaalaha Soomaaliya

Wadarta guud ee miisaaniyadda sanadka 2019 ayaa ah $344 malyan. Waxa ay $70 malyan ka badan tahay miisaaniyaddii sanadkii hore oo ahayd $274 malyan. Waa koror badan marka la barbar dhigo sanadihii hore: miisaaniyaddii sanadkii 2018-ka waxa ay $14 malyan oo kaliya ka badnayd miisaaniyaddii 2017 oo ahayd $260 malyan.

The NGO-ization of Somali public sector

The NGOs, the private and public sectors all have different governance and management structures, each with specific motivations, aims, and end-goals. While people may decide to move from public to non-profit, the sectors never mix. Being public servant means that, you put the people’s interest above individual gains.