The problems of fused parliament-cabinet membership in Somalia

Separation of powers (trias politica) is a fundamental principle for modern states, and is devised to equally distribute responsibilities and authorities among government organs. It is used to serve as guarantee that no arm of government overpowers another arm and, as result, provides checks and balances. Read more

Somali Public Agenda

Is multi-partyism a viable option for Somali political stability?

Somalia is witnessing the revival of political parties, which vanished from the political landscape about fifty years ago when a coup d’état led by General Mohamed Siyad Barre took power in 1969. The coup prompted the demise of the established liberal multiparty system that had animated the scene since the 1940s and set the tone for the first 9 years of post-independence politics. This liberal experiment was considered highly democratic by some, and corrupt and unscrupulous by others. Read more